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Boy, that took HOURS to clean! How in the world did THAT happen?? It was like...CRAZY messed up in the gym! Chocolate everywhere all over the walls and... man, I don't even WANT to know. Doc, have you been sleep-eating again? You never made that much of a chocolate explosion before. Unless it really was just some punks. So I ain't blamin ya, Doc! Just askin just in case... and I don't want to hafta clean all that up again. You didn't get on anyone's bad side, didya?

Man my arms are BEAT though. Doc if you- I mean, if them punks show up again, it'll be their face on the walls... Some guys got no respect.

It was an old computer anyway

Hey fellas! 'pologize if I looked like I split without sayin nothin. I kind of had to get a new computer. Doc decided putting chocolate bars in the CD drive would be a swell idea on a hot day. Boy, what a mess! 'Said he wanted to make it stronger or faster or...well that don't matter now. I got a laptop this time, it's tops! It even has my name all over it! Isn't that cool?

Well back to running errands, peace!

Jul. 5th, 2009

Yo Doc! Don't worry about picking me up, I'm on the subway now! I found a route back!

Don't worry about me, I'm safe! There...there were only 5 of them. I don't know how to fight for just the ring!...ahaha...

wh-what happened

Ah geez.

I'm in deep dirt.

I don't even remember what happened I swear! I was just chillin with the guys and drinkin some coke...and then it all gets fuzzy! Ow...my head hurts too... I think I'm somewhere near the club but I ain't sure! I finally got my phone to work, it just had to dry. I don't really wanna know how it got all wet.

Ah geez ah geez Doc is gonna bust my head over this! He's probably blowing off steam right now... oh wait he is. Ah crud. I think I can walk back from here...

Didja miuss me?/

I'm working thiys compouter right? I've nebvre beenm very good wit thjese here comoputers,.

I Kjust  wanmyted to lett yoiu fellas knowq thaty i'm nback froml my retiredmemnt!

Soryyt I'm tyoping wit5h my boximng gloevs on. I wanty to geyt bacjk to trainiong right awayu! Catch yiuo later! I haveb to woirk very hard, I got a lkittle rusty, buyt not fore loing!


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